Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Break 2010

Kyle and I traveled to Kansas to see two of our good friends. Kristie Adams and Aaron Burns live in Wichita Kansas, but we met them at "Wah-Shah-She Girl Scout Camp". I met Kristie Adams three summers ago, since then we recruted two people by the names of Kyle Israel, and Aaron Burns.

Kyle was a friend of mine from college that needed a summer job. I had no idea that he would soon be my boyfriend. Aaron Burns is Kristie's cousin. We told them that they would be great friends and I guess we were right because they are now best friends.

We went to Kristie's house on the thursday before Easter and returned to our college on Easter day. We had a great time!

The first thing that we did when Kyle and I arrived was go to a haunted bridge. The story is that this women named Thearosa (Thee-uh-roe-suh). The story goes, that Thearosa had a baby and it was kidnapped and thrown over the bridge. Grieving so much Thearosa killed herself and jumped off of the same bridge that her baby had been thrown over.

The reason that it is said to be haunted is because the bridge since then, 1800's, has burnt down. Everytime they try to rebuild the bridge, it burns to the ground. The last bridge that was built was in the 1970's. Since then a new bridge has been built a little ways away from the old, original bridge.

Aaron, Kyle, Kristie, and I decided to go look for it. Oh! Did I mention that it was lightning, thundering, and at 11:00pm?

The wind was blowing so hard that sometimes I could not keep my balance. On the way to find the bridge the weeds were taller than I am, wich is 5'3.

We were unsuccesful in our search. We did not find the old post's of the bridge that had burned.

We did have some strange occurances. There was a clearing in the woods that we thought might be the spot and for some reason the wind that was blowing me off balance stopped. It was several degrees warmer than it was on the rest of the trail that we made.

In that spot Kristie's phone began to ring. Every time she answered there was no one on the other end. When we had gotten back to the car Kristie asked if her cousin had called her. Her cousin showed Kristie that she had not called her. Her phone was on the lock screen that would not let you type of push any buttons.

Although we did not find the bridge it was a thrill!

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